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Health is definitely wealth, and being physically fit ican make you look fit and lean both inside and out. There is a lot you can do such as jogging or walking briskly, playing basketball, or in fact any other sport.

However, if you want to have muscles and look really lean and fit, it is a good idea to sign up at a gym and get some advice and instruction from a qualified trainer. Although this is not the only way to achieve this partular goal, there is something about the commitment of showing up and asking someone else to be there to support your efforts.

Consider your trainer as your mentor, as someone who is a positive force in your life, to help you to achieve your goals and to push you to your limits. Just like taking any medicine though, you should first consult a doctor before undergoing any form of exercise.

Physical exercise is beneficial because it helps maintain and improve your health, and also protect you from a variety of diseases and premature death. It  can also make you feel happier, and increase your self esteem and feeling of well being, which in turn  helps you from falling into depression or anxiety.  It has also  been shown that someone with an active lifestyle is likely to live longer than someone who has a more sedentary lifestyle.

The best exercise plans should have cardiovascular and weight training exercises included as part of them. This helps to burn up calories, and increase the muscle to fat ratio which will increase your metabolism and make you either gain or lose weight.  You should be aware of the fact however, that someone who has never worked out before, should start of gradually, mainly because doing too much the first time can increase your chances of pulling a muscle or potentially a more severe injury.

Physical endurance will never be built up in a day but doing it repeatedly will result in good positive results.

Beauty is not only about having toned or bulky muscles which is what people see, it is also about enhancing the beauty within yourself

Here are few things you can do everyday to stay beautiful and healthy.

Reading books and other reading material more frequently helps to keep the mind sharp, just like working out keeps the body in shape.

Work, no matter what kind it is, produces stress, but you can reduce stress by taking time out to do something special like lying in a hot tub, shopping maybe, or watching a movie. Studies have shown that any time that you can relax and do more enjoyable things actually  relieves stress, and helps you to look less stressed and tired.

Protecting your skin from the normal pollutants is very important, and  it is best to use some form of protection that contains antioxidants which can help prevent further damage to the skin.  There are lots of options available to you when it comes to choosing a suitable product, but if you happen to have very sensitive skin, you might want to consult with a dermatologist.

If you fall into the “normal” skin category though,  you have a lot of options to choose from.

Another way to stay healthy is to give up some of the bad habits.  If you are a smoker, I don’t have to tell you its bad for you (you’ve been told this literally hundreds of times no doubt) but it does have an adverse effect on your body that goes beyond the lungs. Without going on a rant about all the bad stuff which we do as human beings, lets just say that if you can work on a balanced diet, exercise at least a few times a week and concentrate on getting rid of the “bad vices”, you will be pleasantly surprised at the results you can achieve over time.

Lastly, but not least, one of the best ways to start off your day is to have a positive attitude, so don’t get out of your bed in the morning, until you have told yourself its going to be a GREAT day!  Just as studies have shown that exercise can make someone feel happier, smiling produces the same effect.

A smile can do great things, and it is also contagious in a positive sense. It brightens up the day not only for yourself, but  for others as well.

This is quite a challenging video, and it does show pretty vigorous exercises and workouts. Well worth viewing!

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