Quick Fat Loss Without Low Calorie Diets

Reasons For Being Fat

Reasons For Being Fat

You Should Say No To Low Calorie Diets!

If you are not interested in only achieving temporary weight loss, you should avoid low calorie diets.  Initially, it might look good to try one out, and you might even get some reduction in your weight, but low calorie food will not deliver a permanent solution to your stubborn fat.  Those extremely effective fat loss diets consist of nothing but good protein and also good carbohydrates, as well as healthy fats and vitamins and minerals. Low calorie diets completely destroy the fast functioning of your metabolism activity and put a halt to your weight loss program.

Over the years, we have come to believe some things to be true about certain foods, while some things to be false. Food fads are rampant, and they can interfere with healthy living. Your diet is the most important aspect in your quest for weight loss, because it is your diet that has the biggest impact on your weight. It follows therefore that you should not rely solely on exercise when it comes to attacking that unwanted fat.  A single meal will not make you overweight to give one example, but if you were to consume a month’s worth of junk food, it would most certainly have an affect on your weight. There is a significant relationship between what you regularly eat and your present weight trend.

So here are some recommended ingredients for extremely effective fat loss diets.

Foods which are classed as proteins, some examples being oat meal, pulses, nuts etc.
Good fats, those which are monounsaturated, omega fatty acids, chicken breasts, fish, olives etc.
Carbohydrates found in wheat bread, grains, rice etc.
Vitamins and minerals, namely all green and leafy vegetables, which can be taken in plenty along with spices like pepper to increase metabolism quickly. Fruits like apples can be taken as snacks between meals, avoiding junk foods naturally.

How to plan your meals for effective fat loss!

We strongly advise you to take food frequently, as  frequent eating is recommended to boost the metabolism swiftly. You should not take less than 4 or 5 meals a day, but the basic plan is to have smaller quantities more often. Your every meal session should contain good calorie foods. and of course, your breakfast should have rich protein foods in it. This diet is prescribed to build up and tune the body muscles, and therefore since, your breakfast is taken after a long gap without eating, a rich calorie diet should be provided to boost metabolism.

Other regular tips for quick fat loss are:-

* Drink more than 8 glasses of water a day in normal weather.
* Drink at least 2 glasses of water on an empty stomach.
* Take green tea twice a day.
* Add lots of greens and leafy vegetables in your regular diet.
* Sleep for at least for 8 hours in a night.
* Never take junk food as a snack  in the middle of your 4 meals.

To put some of the above into a perspective that you can keep at the fore front of your mind,  give yourself an objective of trying to reduce your daily caloric intake by 250 calories. If you then set yourself  to work out at home or in the gym, you could potentially burn off another 250 calories or so, and if you can do this in way, the upside would be that you will not be under as much pressure to exercise or reduce your food intake so much.

However, don’t be discouraged if you can only manage to create a calorie deficit of 200 calories per day or less, . We all experience low points during our weight loss journeys, but the important thing is that you stay motivated, and that you make an effort to bounce back so you can start losing that weight!

If you can follow the above instructions for 2 months, you could lose quite a significant amount of weight!  Weight loss through this method is permanent as you are not restricting or deviating from your regular food. You can continue the same process for any number of months for more fat loss. After a few months, your body will become a much finer, slimmer, and gleaming body through losing a considerable number of pounds in weight.

Watch this video for some good ideas on weight loss exercises to include in your fat loss regime!


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