Discovering the Perfect Shoe for Your Next Adventure

Shoes for vacations

Shoes which you could use on vacation

Picking the right pair of shoes to bring on vacation is important. Yes, your favorite pair may look nice, but that doesn’t mean they’ll keep you comfortable when you’re walking around all day.

That’s why you need to keep certain key points in mind when packing shoes for travel. Obviously, you want something that offers comfort, like a pair of supportive boots or sneakers. You also want a lightweight pair that’s easy to travel with. Your shoes should be functional and durable enough for the kinds of activities you’ll be enjoying, while stylish enough to match the outfits you packed.

You’ll also probably need to pack more than one pair of shoes. Keep these points in mind to make the right choices:

Walking Shoes

 You’ll probably be spending most of your trip in walking shoes. That means comfort is the most important factor here. Don’t let aching feet get in the way of exploring an interesting destination!

Flats or comfortable sandals are smart choices. Again, because you’ll be wearing these shoes a lot, you should also make sure their color matches with most outfits. Neutral colors like beige and black usually work.

That said, you also need to consider what type of walking you’ll be doing. Touring city streets in summer is easier on your feet than hiking through a forest trail or trekking through wintry weather. If you’re going to be walking in these conditions, it’s also a good idea to pack a durable pair of boots.

Dress Shoes

 Flats are helpful because they often work as both walking and dress shoes. You can use the same pair throughout your trip, or pack a second option that are a bit more stylish for fancier occasions. Low flats are good for walking from a health and comfort perspective. However, if you’re not going to be walking much in them, packing an extra pair with a low flat heel can make for a trendier option when you’re in the mood for a different look.


Not all vacation activities involve simply walking. Again, you might go hiking or try a new sport while you’re away. Flats and heels won’t cut it in those situations. Boots can work, but they might be too uncomfortable in warm weather, or depending on style, too bulky for certain activities.

Thus, you might also want to pack a pair of sneakers. Look for a pair with shock absorbers. Experts point out that shock absorption is key to preventing discomfort and injury.

Packing shoes for travel doesn’t need to be a pain. If you’re worried about packing too many (or too few) pairs, just keep these essential points in mind. They’ll help you decide which shoes are worth bringing on vacation.

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